How to Install SnapChat in Pc and iMac

Bored of using the same old text, video or audio messaging apps which are flooding the app market today? If that’s the case, SnapChat is the best app which you could think of to redefine the way you ‘message’. Snap a photo or video, add a caption and send it to your friends. It is as simple as that ! The recipient will view what you shared, live the moment with you and then snap and the conversation goes on. The images disappear from the screen unless a screenshot is taken. Thinking of how to store these lovely pictures? Add the snap or video to your SnapChat story and it remains for a day and it makes room for the new. The SnapChat application comes to your personal computer as well. Make sure you attach a webcam you our computer to enter into the world of ‘expressive messaging’.
snapchat on pc

What’s different with Snapchat?

 Firstly, you will not be bombarded with the task of scrolling up that huge chunk of older / previous messages. Since the app doesn’t store the history for more than a day, it will be easy even if you are overloaded with information to share. If you really want your snap to be preserved, take a screenshot of it. In just a snap, you will be closer to your loved ones. Text messages can become too boring and monotonous at times, audio messages are way too similar to calls and photo messaging is the latest sensation as it is expressive and enables you to connect better with your near and dear smart phone users.

 Requirements to get Snapchat for PC:

  • To download the PC version of SnapChat, you will need an Android emulator such as IntellAppUp or Bluestacks. Bluestacks is user-friendly and compatible to use.
  • Any Windows operating system post Windows XP will be good for the emulator to run seamlessly.
  • A Google account is required as you will be downloading the application directly from Google Play Store during the process of installing snapchat for pc.
  • Also, you need internet connectivity to download the .apk file or the emulator.

These requirements will get you one step closer to the world of ‘photo texting’.

 Download and Installation of Snapchat for PC

 First Method:

  • There are two methods for you choose between, when it comes to installing Snapchat for Pc. The first method needs you to know where to search for the .apk file for Snapchat.
  • Once you download the .apk file, you will have to browse for the same and open it using the Android emulator.
  • The installation process will automatically begin once the file is opened using the Bluestacks Android emulator.

 Second Method:

  • The second method does not require the .apk file.
  • Once you open the android emulator that you have downloaded, search for SnapChat in the search tab and click on the SnapChat icon.
  • Bluestacks users, click on the install button and in the next dialogue box, select the SnapChat icon on the left.
  • The SnapChat application download will automatically start as you as soon as you click the icon. You will be asked to sign in to your Google account during the download and installation process.
  • When the download process is complete, the installation process will automatically start.
  • You have to wait till the download is complete and once the process is over, you have to navigate back to the Bluestacks desktop.
  • You are all set to send and receive photo messages through Snapchat for Pc. Once you see the Bluestacks desktop, search for the SnapChat icon and click on it to play the game. You can even click on the icon from the Startup menu to make use of SnapChat.

Happy Photo Messaging! You can try installing WeChat and Whatsapp for PC using our tutorials.

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  1. Jesse   •  

    This doesn’t work. The app installs, but snapchat itself requires a mobile number to be used to actually send/receive snaps.

    • admin   •     Author

      Ofcourse you need a mobile number.. but you can emulate it from PC or MAC without much difficulty.

  2. Sébastien   •  

    The only thing is that the emulator doesn’t recognize my webcam lol. There’s no option where you can select the camera or something like that.

    • Kayla   •  

      mine does the same too! have you got it fixed yet?

    • Mara   •  

      Ya, I just have a black screen show up for it and it doesn’t recognize my webcam

  3. ariell bettina hansen   •  

    i love

  4. Brigitte   •  

    i want snapchat

  5. helena schoonooghe   •  

    ik wil het da

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